to the web documented
trials & tribulations
of a self-taught
web designer

this site's purpose
to share and log
on path of becoming
the best web designer
i can be

i know
my focus
and dedication
will take me there

i won't settle for where i find myself today
no, i will continue to dream and act on it
i know that if i work hard and stay mentally kind
amazing things will happen

my aim
getting well acquainted
with technologies latest
next generation
interactively engaging
realtime web applications
the future
is already here

necessity… the mother of all inventions
is where my need
for becoming
the best web designer
i can be
emanated from

i am nadine
and this is where my story
i am about to tell
will begin

until then
know that
you act according to your expectations
so change your thoughts
and you will change your world
your opinion of this world is
ultimately a confession of your character

your mind
can shape the way things will be
so convert your thinking
and take command of your thoughts
what you think about
you bring about

whatever you are thinking
becomes the reality
you are projecting

at the end
you only see what you are willing to face
which makes the truth
a myriad of perceptions

life is simple until
we make it complicated